Terms & Conditions

At MediaJedi we are committed to being the fairest and transparent website design business. Please read carefully over the below information before paying your deposit. If you want any clarification of the below information please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

  • All amounts on the site are in United States Dollars USD.
  • The use of some of our products may require other products and services. For example, our Listings for Appfolio plugin requires allow_url_fopen functionality to be enabled by your hosting provider. Some of our plugins integrate with 3rd party services which you may use. All these external products/services are NOT included as part of the plugin. We are selling our plugin which connects to your existing accounts and services where applicable. The customer is responsible for the purchase and upkeep of these products/services, they are not included in your plugin purchase!
  • The license where applicable is valid for 1 year, this means you get 1 year of updates if required. After this point you may renew the license to get further updates at the same cost.
  • We don’t provide any refund for our products and services. But we offer free plugins on wordpress.org for some of our products for you to test it with your website.
  • Basic support is provided for our plugin products which includes assistance for setting up the plugin and how to use it only. For customizations or the actual setup of the plugin on your specific site requires additional support which can be purchased. Before purchasing one of our products, you should understand the basic work flow of WordPress, this includes how to install, activate, de-activate plugins etc. The support doesn’t include teaching you the basics of WordPress. Support is only provided in English. If you have made customization to the code of the plugin we may refuse support as your code base is not what has been released or tested.
  • Although our products have been developed with best practice in mind, the product doesn’t guarantee compatibility with other plugins. Some of our plugins have free versions available so you are welcome to try these out to test any compatibility issues or feel free to contact us and we can look into it. The plugin is only tested with Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • It is advised to have the latest version of WordPress installed and a theme activated that follows theme design best practice.
  • The plugin is licensed to be used on the license type purchased. For example if a “1 Site” license is purchased the plugin can only be used on 1 website/domain. If you need to use the plugin on more than 1 website/domain please purchase multiple instances of the plugin.
  • The plugin must not be resold or re-licensed without the explicit permission from MediaJedi.
  • MediaJedi reserves the right to terminate the license at any time without warning and without compensation if MediaJedi believes a customer has acted dishonestly, has breached prior arrangements or agreements discussed in pre-purchase questions, breached license terms or any illegal behavior.
  • Certain plugins may require the use of external API services, for example our Listings for Appfolio plugin features google map to show your listings addresses. This require an active API key from your google account. Our plugins are beholden to the existence and upkeep of these external API services. We have no control or influence over these services. If an external API service were to shut down or limit it’s functionality, this should affect our plugin in a way that reduces the utility of the plugin for you, we do not offer any refund or compensation for this. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but it is never our desire for such an event to occur.
  • If our plugins should cause you or your company damages like loss of data for example we will not be held responsible for this. We recommend regularly backing up your WordPress website to remove any risks that may be caused by our plugin (or any other system or process on your website for that matter). So far we are proud to say that such an event has not occurred before and we will do our upmost to prevent such an occurrence.
  • Our plugins have been tested in a typical hosting environment on Apache or Nginx servers. Our plugins are only tested with WordPress.org not WordPress.com. Our plugins are tested on Chrome and Firefox. Our plugins are tested on PHP version 7 and above and WordPress version 4 and above. We can’t guarantee the functionality of our plugins outside of this environment. If you should require compatibility in a different environment we can provide an estimate for any changes necessary based on the time to complete the task(s).