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Rick Elliott 2024-06-07

The incredible application of service…

The incredible application of service and follow through to help with a time critical problem I had. Adamant Forte took my call assured me he and his team could resolve my situation..Together with Mark Morales and Brendan Lee it wasn’t handled in a day or two, it was resolved immediately that same day. I am truly grateful and I trust iTrust totally!

Steve Everley 2024-06-07

Good luck ever finding a service as good as Itrustcapital!

I like how I can call and talk with someone immediately and everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful. Other companies could only ever dream of the support you have. Also greatly appreciate the security and verifying transactions to protect my assets. Mark Morales was top notch helping me execute quickly and moving things along. Great person to work with and very patient and nice.

Daniel Bliley DBli 2024-06-07

Chad made it easy!

Chad walked me through the whole process of setting up the account with iTrust Capital and how to start the rollover process from my IRA and Roth accounts. He made it super simple and the whole process took less than 10 minutes. I feel confident based on his help that I can navigate the website and add more accounts and funds in the future if needed. Thanks Chad!

Lolli 2024-06-07

Julian Jenkins was very informative

Julian Jenkins was very informative, patient and helpful. He walked me through the steps that I needed assistance with and made sure that I didn’t have any other questions. Very polite and a pleasure to speak too.

EP 2024-06-07

Shawn did a great job following up

Shawn did a great job following up when I called, was attentive to my account regarding a pending transfer from my old custodian. My issue was resolved in less than an hour. 👍👍

Justin Milam 2024-06-06

I chose the right team

I had just applied online to set up an account with itrustcapital, and I received a call from Julian and he talked me thru the process of requesting an IRA rollover. He was super friendly and helpful! I already feel like I made the right decision choosing itrustcapital!

Paul 2024-06-07

Stacy Liu was very helpful

Stacy Liu was very helpful and understanding in solving my problem. Also, She was patient and helpful getting me through the zoom call, which I have never done before. Thanks Stacy.

k hud 2024-06-05


I was. Transferring my IRA funds from raymond james. RYAN was my itrust agent that assiyed with communication to the back office of raymond james. He was very diligent and resourceful and facilitating the whole process. I am very happy with I trust and all of my experiences so far.

A Wanderer 2024-06-03

I recommend iTrustCapital! IRA and customer support is great.

My wife and I each have a SEP IRA and then transferred over Roth IRA. Setting things up were a breazy, though as one who pays attention to UI/UX I think there could be some improvement in the web platform. The help/documentation system is good. Beyond this, I've found customer support to be SUPERB. I worked with a Marki over email to get our Roth's funded, we had some questions and our previous institution mailed checks that never arrived. Marki was great at following up and helping us work through all aspects. I really appreciate the sincere touch that they had. There are several options we considered, we went with iTrustCapital because we are buying and holding a few assets and didn't think we needed a monthly fee. So far I'm glad we have chosen them.

Pete Z. 2024-06-07

ITrustCapital Alyssa was excellent!

Alyssa provided outstanding assistance getting my account transaction completed in a timely manner. Also, her professional help insured the detail accuracy of this funding event. Thanks Alyssa for your help and pleasant experience getting the job done!

Jeff 2024-06-05

Itrustcaptial has made my rollover flawless …

Itrustcaptial has made my rollover flawless. Excellent customer service from everyone. Jonathan from iTrustCapital was the last one I talked to he was patient, understanding, and easy to talk to. Thank you Jeff Schueler

John G 2024-06-05

Jonathan easily answered All of my…

Jonathan easily answered All of my questions Pointed out helpful spots on the site. Very happy with this most recent interaction Thank you

Francis Herrero 2024-05-31

Customer service has been great!

Alex was great in walking me through my rollover request. He was very helpful, patient, and thorough. And the day prior, I recieved a very helpful phone call from Ryan (at the perfect time) while setting up my account, who gave me instructions to get my rollover going and answered questions that I didn't know I had yet. I'm very eager to start using my funds for crypto in what I think is going to be an important time for crypto investors. I just learned about iTrustCapital yesterday and now I've got what I have available for a partial rollover already in motion.

CHARLES 2024-06-05

Mustafa was fantastic…

Mustafa was fantastic in helping this non-tech savvy guy finish the transfer request. Patient, kind and good natured. A natural problem solver.

L David Jensen 2024-06-03

Mustafa fixed a 2FA problem

Mustafa did a great job fixing a 2FA problem. He even waited on the phone while I made sure I could sign in successfully. He was courteous, listened carefully, and professionally completed the solution.

James Zumwalt 2024-05-31

Lindsay on Aisle 9

I’ve been having a tough time getting my funds from Wells Fargo to ITrustCapital (bank’s fault). Still in the process of it but Lindsay is goin above and beyond helping me get it sorted out. Remember when you were a kid and got lost at the grocery store, and some nice lady takes you to the front clerk to call your mom over the intercom? Lindsay is the nice lady.

Steven Brys 2024-05-30

ITust gets the hatrick!

Today I had my third interaction with Itrust Capital, this time via Jimmy Herrera. Jimmy is also the third different Itrust employee to assist me with my account. While each employee is different, the professionalism, competence and courtesy are characteristics all three employees share. Jimmy even called to see if I wanted to get my appointment in early (thank you, Jimmy). This is a trust business and ITrust has won mine through employees like him. Dare I say “I trust ITrust”?

Lucian Popescu 2024-06-07

I had a very good experience with…

I had a very good experience with iTrustCapital employee Jimmy Herrera. He helped me navigate through the specifics of the financial transactions on the iTrustCapital web site, guiding me step-by-step and making sure all transactions are well understood and transparent. Thank you Jimmy!

Christian Hartje 2024-06-07

Excellent company

Great company! Excellent customer service. I spoke with a real person every time I called.

Kim Surfaceworks 2024-05-31

Happy with Johnathan Kim

Johnathan was very helpful explaining going through the itrust Capital web site get my Roth IRA funds transferred from New York Life. I'm 69 and slow on the computer and he was very patient with me. Because of Johnathan I am putting in a few more thousand from my savings account.